The Top Destinations to Explore in Your Overland Trucks

Spring break is right around the corner, so what better time to fulfill that sense of wanderlust? Overlanding trips have become increasingly popular among adventure seekers. They offer an unparalleled experience, fostering a sense of discovery and resilience.

If you are seeking an off-road adventure, overland trucks are perfect for transportation. They feature robust suspension, off-road tires, and advanced systems. As a result, they ensure excellent performance, versatility, and reliability.

Do you want to know the top destinations you can explore with an off-road vehicle? In this article, let us discover captivating landscapes and challenging trails.

1. The Mojave Road – Los Angeles, California

From rocky roads to large washes, a trip with an off-road vehicle would be a waste if you don’t explore some interesting terrain. Start your off-road trip by taking the historic trail of the Mojave Road. If you want adventure, this destination offers entrancing sites, canyons, caves, and ruins. 

Like other trails, Mojave Road has its story to tell. It was a route used as a trade route for coastal tribes before it became popular in the 1980s. As you explore it, you can see old military outposts and Native American petroglyphs.

With its history, there is no wonder many overland enthusiasts visit the site. The 150-mile trail takes at least three days to explore from one end to the other. If you plan to stay, there are campsites you can consider visiting.

When navigating Mojave Road, beware of the bumpy, unmanaged landscape. Overland trucks are the best means of transportation if you want to explore the area. 

2. Cape Lookout National Seashore – North Carolina

If you seek a coastal experience, the Cape Lookout National Seashore is an ideal stop. The 56-mile barrier island with a pristine beach is accessible by ferry or an overland vehicle. At this stop, you can do many things.

From fishing to birdwatching, the Cape Lookout is a haven for nature lovers. Its sandy shores allow you to camp on the beach, giving a picturesque and tranquil stay. To guarantee the best overland experience, come to the island prepared.

Although there are cabins, this off-road destination lacks amenities. Utilities do not work, including electricity and water. With this, load your overland truck with necessities.

Moreover, air down your tires as the sand trails are soft or rutted by other off-road vehicles. Visitors with overland trucks must get an ORV Educational Certificate. With the National Park Service document, you can prove your knowledge of the laws on the island.

3. White Rim Trail – Canyonlands National Park, Southern Utah

One of the overlanding destinations you must visit is the White Rim Trail. Despite its route, it rewards you with breathtaking views of canyons and mesas. The trail offers a diverse range of terrains that cover about 100 miles.

As an overland enthusiast, you can expect a rare view of the iconic formations. It includes the Island in the Sky and the Colorado River. Like other trails, you need a well-equipped overland truck to navigate the area.

For easy travel, use a 4WD vehicle with high ground clearance to explore the White Rim Trail. A GMC Sierra HD is an excellent overland truck to bring in rugged canyons and slickrock routes. Apart from an off-road vehicle, secure a permit to visit and explore the area.

4. Rubicon Trail – California

As one of the iconic off-road routes, the Rubicon Trail is a must-visit destination. The 22-mile rocky terrain offers breathtaking alpine scenery and crystal-clear lakes. Moreover, it rewards you with the captivating landscape overlooking the Granite Bowl.

However, navigating the Rubicon Trail requires experience.

In case you are unaware, the trail consists of granite slabs, sharp rocks, and large boulders. Lack of skill exposes you to risks, including vehicle damage and accidents. To ensure a thrilling off-road trip, you need expert driving skills.

For safe navigation, you need precision and knowledge of off-road techniques. Consider taking the Rubicon Trail off your bucket list if you lack driving skills. Although shorter than other trails, it is one of the most challenging routes you can encounter.

5. The Alpine Loop – Colorado

The Alpine Loop in Colorado is another overland adventure to experience. It is five hours from Southwest Denver and six hours from Northwest Albuquerque. From Lake City to Ouray to Silverton, it connects the historic mining towns in the area.

As you navigate, you can see mountain passes, old mining sites, and expansive meadows. The panoramic sights of towering peaks, including the San Juan Mountains, are captivating. With its spectacular location, you can have an endless view of pines and grass-covered hills.

Is it hard to navigate the Alpine Loop? If you have the skills, you can complete it in four to seven hours as it is a difficult drive. However, it can take longer if you decide to explore and enjoy the area.

6. Valley of the Gods – Utah

Another overland destination on your list is the Valley of Gods in Southeastern Utah. It is a spectacular landscape that showcases different stone formations. Buttes, mesas, and pinnacles are a few that compose the vast terrain.

Despite its unpaved roads, it allows overlanders to explore the beauty of the Utah desert. It exhibits mesmerizing colors as the setting sun lights on the rock formations. If you are into nature photography, the Valley of Gods is a haven for you.

Unlike other trails, it can take a short time to explore this 17-mile loop. Driving a 4WD vehicle is unnecessary as it is easy to navigate the area. However, the trail can get slippery and untraversable when it rains.

To avoid getting stuck, plan your off-road trip to the Valley of the Gods and ensure the weather is clear.  

Exploring Prime Spots With Overland Trucks

For off-road trips, overland trucks are your perfect companion. You can go beyond the typical destinations with their high-quality and high-performing features. From the Mojave Road to the Valley of Gods, you can visit captivating landscapes with challenging trails.

Connect with nature and embark on an adventure with your off-road vehicle today! If you’re looking for more destination ideas for 2024, don’t stop here. Check out our other blog posts to discover more.