Best Free Image Optimization Tool for image compression

If you want to compress images before uploading them along with your content, then you are simply in the right place and at the right time as well. Optimizing your images is very important before you publish them on your website as images can be very dangerous for your ranking position and overall seo score. If you are not optimizing your content, then it means that the large size image would affect the speed of your page. The size of the image directly affects the page loading speed of your website.

You will be shocked to know that today a user does not wait for more than three to four seconds for the page to open. If the page doesn’t load in this time frame, then it can seriously damage the credibility and the ranking position of the page. In this three-minute article, you are going to find out the most amazing image compressor tool that would help you optimize your images and that too free of charge!

The best image optimization tools for image compression!

There are plenty of online compressor tools, but not all of them are reliable. Below, we are going to introduce you guys to the highest quality and reliable tools available online!

JPEG optimizer

The jpeg optimizer tool is the first tool available in our list today. This photo compressor tool is the one that allows you to upload an unlimited number of images in a single day for compression. This is an online-based program, so you don’t have to worry about installing it on your device. The working of the compressor tool is quite simple, and as the name tells us, it can only treat jpeg images. This photo compressor tool helps you in resizing the image long before it is optimized or compressed. One of the best things about this photo compressor is that it lets you select your optimization level!


This is another photo compressor tool that is available online. This online tool is the one that can help you produce good quality images in the lowest possible size. There are many other image compressor tools on the web but keeping intact the quality of the image is not possible for every one of them. This is where Optimizilla makes its mark. You can not only compress jpeg photos with this program, but you can also help yourself in compressing PNG file formats. This online program is also considered to be incredibly famous in batch optimization of files.

This is another online program that can help you in bulk optimization of your images. This is a  very versatile tool which works on all kinds of devices and operating systems plus you must also know that with this online compressor tools you can optimize jpeg, PNG and even Gif format and that too for free. This program is also known as the best bulk compressor tool on the web, and this is not only because it can compress multiple images in one go but also because it can use different compressor formats of images in one go. This photo compressor tool comes in two formats, the first one is the free one, and the other pro one is the paid package!

Image recycles

This photo compressor tool is yet another online program that has a good reputation in changing the size of jpeg, PNG, PDF and even GIF pictures. You would be shocked to know that this website photo compressor tool can also scan a website and tell you about the details of images in it and their effects on the speed of the page. You can use this online tool for free and without any restrictions on any of your devices. It is compatible with all operating systems as it works via the browser. You would also get the opportunity to select the compression ratio with this tool!

Image compressor by Duplichecker

The image compressor tool by duplichecker is known to be the finest tool available on the internet. This online image compressor tool is not only free but is very much reliable. The working process of this online photo compressor tool is quite easy, and you don’t need any knowledge to operate this program. In the tool, you can use the upload option to enter up to twenty images in one go.

The maximum image size that this tool can cater to is 5mb per image and 100mbs in total. After completing the input of images, you have to select the quality of the image and the compression type. After completing the input options, you have to click on the ‘compress’ button, and the tool would get you compressed images in less than seconds!

All of these online tools are free and very much reliable when it comes to image optimization!