How to Get Your Home Prepared for the Arrival of the Solar Installer

The cost of solar photovoltaic solar panels has dropped close to 70% in the past 6 years. If you are trying to join the solar revolution, finding a reputable solar installer should be at the top of your to-do list.

That said, before you can find the best solar company to handle your solar installation, you need to prepare your home for the installation process.

Most companies in the solar industry require a bit of prep work before they go into action. This is what you should do on your end before calling in a professional to finish the job.

Get Relevant Power Data 

Your solar energy installer will require some power data before they begin installing your system. This data will be about the total electricity usage on your property and should include the following.

Average Daily Electricity Usage

Your home uses a different amount of electricity each day based on seasonal variations in climate and other factors. That said, you can still determine the average amount of power usage per day and factor in these externalities.

Yearly Electricity Usage Data

One of the ways to gauge a more accurate picture of your total power usage is to get some annual power reports from your power company. This will help your local solar installer determine how many solar panels you need.

Other Electricity Usage

If you have a well-pump, tool shed, car charging station, outbuilding, or other things that consume power outside of your home you should account for these as well. They may be best powered by an independent solar panel.

Reinforce Your Roof

In most cases, your roof will serve as the structural foundation for your solar array. If it is falling apart, it will jeopardize the integrity of not only your new solar system but also your home.

Get your roof inspected before calling an installer for a smart solar installation experience. That way you will know it’s capable of bearing the additional weight of a solar array.

Clear Away Vegetation for Your Solar Installer

If you can open up some more sunlight on your property, your solar system will be far more efficient. This can include removing brush, vegetation or in some cases cutting down trees or limbs that obscure the sun.

You may want to call a professional to handle this unless you have adequate woodsman experience cutting down trees. Clearing away vegetation can increase your solar array’s output a ton.

Examine Your Aspect and Hookups

The location for your solar array will be something that a solar installation specialist will suggest for you. That said, you can still pay attention to what aspects of your home get the most sunlight and where power hookups are.

This will be vital information for the best solar company when they come to check out your property for a pre-installation inspection. During this inspection, they will recommend more things you can do to prepare for the installation.

Get Ready for Those Sunny Days

Once you get your new solar system installed, sunny days will be twice as great. Not only will they get you outside, but they will also get your house juiced up with electricity.

Before you can reap the benefits of the sun at your home, make sure to get ready for your solar installer by following the directions in this guide. If you enjoyed this article, you can find other relevant content on our blog.