How to Improve Life By Music

I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by no matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” – Billy Joel

My entire family is musical literally, all 4 of us. I long ago figured out my love for music, I enjoy it when it’s on, I appreciate it when it’s done well, I worship to it in church, I play it regularly in my home or my car. I do use to murmur in my classrooms! Ah, I still remember during a lecture or at work now or quiet time, but that’s about it.  I love what it does, which moves me, but I find I am more moved by words.

Did you ever think about what would life be without music? Well, I did and I think that the world would be a very quiet place. In my opinion, music is something extraordinary it is what makes humans human. Music is in a number of ways the fabric to our lives and the definition of society.

Let’s see What does science has to say about music’s positive effects. Let’s discover seven scientifically-proven benefits of listening to music.

Music makes you happier, reduces pain, improves driving, it improves your workouts, reduces symptoms of depression, improves sleep quality, and relaxes you before and after surgery.

Every culture makes music and every past one has created too. Studies show how it affects many parts of our brain very deeply. It creates strong feelings and a lot of memories. Some people consider music as a way to escape from the pain of life. It gives you relief and allows you to reduce stress and depression. Over 350 million people across the world suffer from depression and 90% of them also experience insomnia. Sleep research found that symptoms of depression decreased largely with those who listened to classical music. So if you are having a challenging day, lift your spirits with some classical or meditative music. Music is a powerful therapy that will make you calm down and in the moment of joy, it will make you cheerful.

Furthermore, it develops the mind and boosts your self-confidence. Music plays a more important role in our life than just being a source of entertainment. It is the purest form of creativity it surely makes you express your emotion and makes learning anything pleasant.

Additionally, studies show that music can help reduce pain. Preferred music can also significantly improve tolerance and increase control over the pain. It also effectively decreases anxiety.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to music and it has become an effective universal language according to new research, music “can communicate basic human feelings regardless of the listener’s culture and background”. 

While no one has yet established the reason behind why music has this impact on us but it would be safe to say that everyone can attest that listening to music improves their lives in a lot of ways.

Author- Neerja Biwalkar