Product Review of Babyliss Curl Secret

️ I had been undecided about buying this product lately for a while but finally, I spent a long time choosing between this and other curling products. It came down to this and the Babyliss Curl Secret – I was tempted to go for the cheaper option but I’m so glad I didn’t.

The main difference for me with this one is the option to select the direction of curls (either left, right or alternate) which gives you more styling options than the Curl Secret which only does alternate.

 I have Consistently failed at curling my hair but not with these! Really quick to curl and while I have only used these a couple of times they have worked very well. Really simple to use and produces lovely curls with a variety of settings from loose to tight.

I have really no interest in curls and with my hair curls didn’t drop at all on the same day I was amazed by any hair product! and still were lovely when brushed through the following day. I am terrible at curling my hair but this has made the job easy. Expensive but worth it. 

Author:- Neerja Biwalkar