3 Reasons to Avoid A DIY Solar Panel Installation

The average cost of installing solar panels ranges from $11,144 to $14,696. As a result, some people try to save some money by doing it by themselves.

Solar power installation is a delicate process with many technical steps that a local solar installer should do. If you insist on DIY solar panel installation, you may make some mistakes and destroy your roof. That’s why some people prefer to invest in a solar installation company and avoid unnecessary consequences.

Deciding to install solar power in your home is a good thing, but you must do it correctly. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid DIY solar panel installation.

1. Avoid Breaching Your Warranty

Manufacturers of solar panels usually provide warranties for their products. However, there are some things that you must do for the warranty claims to be accepted. One of these conditions is that you must install the solar panels using the correct procedure.

You can easily damage the solar panels and interconnection application if you decide to do it on your own. The manufacturer will then refuse to replace or provide compensation for the damaged warranty. Your warranty may also become void even if you don’t damage the panels during installation.

Hiring a solar panel installation expert is the best way to protect your warranty. Once you get an estimate, you can expect the process to be completed without damaging any components. If they damage any of the parts, their insurance coverage will pay for it.

2. Benefit From Extensive Training and Experience

Most solar companies hire experienced installers to perform the installation. This means that the installers will know the right way to install the solar panels. You won’t have to worry about the solar panel stopping to work after a few years or months.

Solar panel installers typically do multiple installations in a month. They know the weather conditions in your area and how to maximize sunlight exposure. This is something that the typical homeowner won’t know.

A home solar panel installer also knows the permits, licenses, and insurance covers needed during installation. If you were to do the installation yourself, you might not know the correct licenses. As a result, your solar panels may be pulled down after you have installed them.

3. Avoid Time Wastage

The solar installation process depends on the type and size of solar panels. You have to read several pages of instructions before starting the installation itself. This entire process will take a lot of time and cause significant stress.

Even if you know how the process works, you still have to spend several hours laying the panels and attaching electrical connections. This process will move on at a slower pace since you won’t have the latest equipment.

A local solar company has teams and the right equipment to complete the process in a short time. In addition, they know the most effective ways to install solar systems and save time.

Save Money by Avoiding DIY Solar Panel Installation

DIY solar panel installation may seem attractive to people who want to spend the least money on solar power.  However, many things are likely to go wrong if you decide to go this route. That is why you should hire a local solar installer to do the work for you.

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