How 18th Century Pajamas became a part of our daily Lifestyle?

When you hear the word “Pajama” the first thing comes to your mind is a comfort. But you will be surprised to know the history of pajamas and how it originated. They are lightweight loose-fitted bottoms with waistbands and were originated in the 18th century in the Indian Subcontinent. Pajamas were very popular among the Indian Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs and were later adopted by the European countries. They were not restricted to a single-sex, ladies pajamas were also equally popular.

In the 19th Century, Europeans customized this garment according to their lifestyle and since then different versions were evolved across the world like Traditional, Daywear, and Contemporary. In 1870, Pajamas were introduced to the western world when the British Colonist in India adopted them as their nightwear and by the end of the nineteenth century, pajamas were described as two-piece clothing for nightwear. 

During 1920, In the United States, pajamas were becoming more popular among everyone. After that, they were soon worn by many people all over the country as a fancy nightwear outfit.

Different styles of Pajamas popular among people:

  • Two-Piece Pajamas

They are a combination of a top and pant. They are made from different fabrics such as cotton, satin, silk, etc. While sleeping, most people prefer wearing pajamas with t-shirts as it is more comfortable. These traditional pajamas are often called as PJs or Jim Jams. In South Africa, they are sometimes referred to as night suits.

  • Modern Pajamas

Modern or Contemporary ones are derived from traditional pajamas. There are many variations in such pajamas. For example, short sleeve pajama, pajamas with different bottom lengths, etc.

  • Casualwear 

The daywear pajamas are referred to the various combinations wore by women. In the 20th century, these pajamas became very popular in the US. They were worn as beachwear and casual outing outfit because of its light nature.

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Some interesting facts about Pajamas 

  • Pajamas are usually loose fitted and designed for comfort. They are made of soft materials such as cotton, silk, satin, synthetic polyester and lycra.
  • The traditional style of Pajamas came through Britain but they were originated from Muslims in India.
  • In Japan, people prefer wearing a set of silk pajamas during their outing.
  •  According to many sources, the word ‘Pajama’ came from Persia which means ‘leg garment’.
  • Well, Pajamas are more common all over the world as nightwear but nowadays,  pajamas are worn by women while traveling as they are very comfortable compared to other outfits. 

Pajamas are not only bottom pants. They are the best invention which was made to give comfort and a feeling of relaxations. Also, with a lot of variations available online and in the market, I am pretty sure that there’s a pajama for each and every one. 

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