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Activewear Isn’t Going Anywhere — Here’s How To Style It For Right Now

Whether you go to the gym or not, you would not want to miss out on fashion trends involving activewear. They have become an appropriate and stylish choice among many women. They are comfortable and relaxing to be in, yet look very chic. Moreover, you can create many looks out of such simple pieces. Activewear isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, continue to read why.

What Does ‘Activewear’ Term Mean?

Activewear clothing is specially designed for giving maximum support during physically straining exercises. They are comfortable, casual, and yet stylish. They are made with fabrics that support your body during workouts. For instance, a sports bra is designed to keep women’s breasts in place during excessive body movement. So that they don’t encounter problems, such as soreness and muscle tear. Moreover, the fabric of activewear is mostly synthetic because it wicks sweat and dries quickly to keep you fresh. It is also stretchable, which moves with your body and hugs your curves nicely.

But thanks to fashion trends these days, activewear is not only limited to fulfill athletic purposes. It has become a go-to choice for a broader audience that’s looking for functionality and style. Activewear has become insanely popular due to its edgy designs, and you don’t have to try hard to look fashionable. Whether it’s your mesh-paneled leggings or tank tops with cool cutouts, you can style them with your other clothing pieces to get a casual look, which is being called athleisure nowadays. Plus, this type of clothing keeps you active, motivated, and at ease without compromising the style quotient.

Some Tips On How You Can Style Your Activewear:

  • Wearing Your Leggings As Casual Bottoms

You can ditch your regular bottoms, like jeans and trousers, and wear your gym leggings as casual bottom wear. It feels comfortable and breathable. Plus, it is often very stretchy that allows you easy mobility, unlike your regular trousers. Whether you want to pair it with your crop tops or long tunics, good looks are guaranteed. Just make sure to have well-made activewear leggings, which are opaque and don’t lose their stretch so soon. Moreover, you’ll be trendy looking effortlessly, as the mesh panels of activewear leggings look very dapper.

When you don’t want to wear leggings, you can get good use out of your biker shorts. Rather than just wearing them to the gym, you can pair them with your baggy tees or crop tops, and attend your brunches and lunches. It is such a sporty look that makes you look athletic and cool.

  • Layer Your Clothing Pieces

Layering works very well to achieve a different look from each of your clothing pieces every time. Wearing a matching set of leggings and crop top or sports bra is a good option when it comes to making your activewear casual, it can look a bit plain. You can add denim jackets, blazers, or even tying a sweater around your waistline can make your outfit look complete, and have that chic vibe to it. Moreover, you can experiment and mix and match the different silhouettes, like mixing your gym-appropriate t-shirt with denim pants and achieve dimension. Thus, by layering different pieces, you add dimension to a simple outfit, which looks much more alluring.

  • Wearing Your Sports Bra As A Crop Top

We can not deny that wearing a sports bra is an amazing experience in itself. It is very supportive, does not let breasts out of their place, and most importantly, is very comfortable. Apart from being these good things, it works wonderfully well as a top too. Sports bras are very stylish because of their design. Some have intricate back designs, and some have panels of mesh fabrics, which are very cool to flaunt.

  • Don’t Forget Your Accessories

Accessories like jewelry, shoes, bracelets, and bags are probably the things that elevate your casual activewear into something sophisticated and elegant. Minimal and layered jewelry pieces have been so trendy for the past few years, and they are not going away anytime soon. So get some good necklaces and bracelets to accessorize your athleisure looks. Plus, they add femininity when you wear them. Similarly, you can wear your gym shoes for regular wear with your outfits. When it comes to bag the choice is up to you, be it a fanny pack or a fancy Birkin anything will look when you carry it with conviction. 


You must be tempted to shop for activewear if you don’t have them already. Make sure to get good quality pieces and the perfect size. So that you don’t experience any clothing-related faux pas when you’re wearing them. Moreover, there are plenty of reputable brands in the market that specifically make activewear clothing pieces. You can check out their website to get the latest trends and get the benefits of discount offers. Happy shopping and happy styling.