What Are the Benefits of Using a Missions Agency?

Do you feel God calling you to be a missionary?

If so, finding the right missions agency will prove crucial to your successful transition to your life abroad. Missions agencies specialize in helping their missionaries live successful, healthy lives away from home. They also give missionaries access to resources they wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Below, we’ll get into everything you need to know about the benefits missionary service agency organizations provide. Keep reading to learn more and get started on your calling!

They’ll Train You

Becoming a missionary is like other careers in that you benefit from receiving training. 

Often, missionaries go out into the field to accomplish a specific task in addition to spreading the Gospel. This might include Bible translation or teaching English. In some cases, you might even do church planting!

As such, missions teams need people with a wide variety of skills. If you don’t have any background in the tasks you’re performing, your missions agency can provide you with the resources to get your training done. 

Almost all missions agency organizations teach people about the challenges they may face out on the mission field. This includes tips for living and thriving in other countries as well as dealing with culture shock. They draw on the experiences of past missionaries to train people who are going into the field. 

They’ll Provide Language Classes

Most missionaries need to use another language when they do their work. As such, most mission agencies require competency in the local language before they send you out into the field. 

Often, these language classes are provided by the mission agency.

In some cases, such as Bible translation, you might work with rare languages. The agency may not have courses for these languages yet. When this happens, the agency will likely give you linguistics classes instead. These will assist your language acquisition once you’re out in the field.

You’ll Work with a Team

Many missions agencies send missionaries out to a team of people. This provides you with a supportive community once you’re on the ground. 

This support is essential to the well-being of many missionaries. Within this group, you’ll meet other people who are going through similar challenges related to your ministry. You’ll also develop working relationships with people who speak your native language and understand your culture.

You’ll Receive Counseling and Care

Being a missionary can get stressful. You might miss home and experience burnout. This doesn’t have to mean the end of your time in missions, though.

Many missions agencies provide counseling and care for their people on the ground. Talk to the people in your missions agency if you’re experiencing any hardship so you can get the support you need.

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Ready to Work with a Missions Agency?

Now that you’ve read this article, you’re ready to find the right missions agency for your career in ministry.

Missions agencies sometimes have specific focuses. If you want to go into a specific type of mission work, you should look for agencies that specialize in that form of ministry. Other missionaries choose their organization based on where they feel called to go.

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