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World Radio Day 13th February 2023- Theme, History and Objectives

“Of all the dramatic media , radio is the most visual” Radio is an effective platform for the celebration of humanity in all its diversity and a forum for democratic debate. Radio is the most commonly used tool

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International Mother Language Day 2023 Theme – Multilingual Education – a necessity to transform education’

“Languages shape the way we think and determines what we can think about” Since February 2000, the World Mother Language

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World Environment Day 5th June 2023 Theme- Solution to Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day is one of the biggest days of recognition for encouraging people worldwide to save and protect our

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International Day of Women and Girl in Science 11th February 2023 Theme

On every 11 February, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science is observed which allow us to celebrate

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World Pulses Day 10th February 2023 Theme

World Pulses Day is a global celebration, dedicated to raise awareness about the nutritional and environmental benefits of pulses, which

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International Zebra Day 31st January 2023

International Zebra Day is an annual event that takes place on 31st January to raise awareness about the conservation of

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Republic Day of India 2023

Republic Day of India is celebrated on every 26th of January as it honors the date on which the Constitution

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