Ways To Stay Emotionally Connected During Social Distancing

In the past month, we have changed drastically. The majority of places are shut down for our own good—from necessities to luxury !!…and people outside are looking like masked. Nobody is saying greeting anymore, people are moving away from the street when they see each other and it’s all very new and weird.

I am trying to understand how people are taking care of their emotional, physical, spiritual health. But, it seems like isolation practicing is the new thing. Even though research says that social distancing is the best practice to reduce the risk of spreading corona——-the issue is that humans are social creatures who need constant interaction. I don’t know about others but I get bored easily and I am tired of watching Netflix and prime. Here are ways to stay emotionally connected during this time.

First of all, it’s a challenge and opportunity of being home all day with people in the house. Omg, it’s annoying and different. But there’s not much of a choice right now so why not build more connection with those that you live with. Take advantage of these moments by catching up or building more conversations.

Since texting is a more easy way to reach out to someone, a simple text letting someone know that you care about their well being might be all they need. Try it. I get it some people have difficulty being in solitude and with their own thoughts, however, it’s the best way to learn more about self. I enjoy being alone most of the time because I get to complete more tasks which I never had and enjoy my own company This is so much fun and I recently did it. I have started working out and eating healthy which clearly I never thought I will do it.

Also join a few groups of your interest It can be a prayer, blogger, fitness group, and so on. You get the gist. It’s also a nice way to chat with people whom you share the same interests with.

So here are some suggestions on currently staying emotionally connected during social distancing. I encourage you all to practice more kindness and gratitude toward others and toward ourselves. It’s a beautiful way to feel closer and more at ease. Until next time take care, wash your hands, and be safe.

Author:- Neerja Biwalkar