How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Actually Cost?

Are you considering investing in home solar panels? Solar energy is one of the hottest (no pun intended) home improvement trends of the past several years. 

If you’re considering making this clean energy upgrade, you may be wondering what kind of costs come with solar panel installation. 

Solar panel costs are simple when you break them down. Keep reading, and we’ll walk you through the true cost of solar panel installation so that you can make an informed choice for your home.

How Much Are Solar Panels?

Solar panel prices vary by state, but they are typically represented as a price per watt. The price per watt of residential solar panels in most states is between $2 and $4. 

Residential solar panels can be rated to produce anywhere from 150 to 300 watts per hour. The amount of energy that you need to generate will drastically affect the price of your solar panel installation. 

If you want to completely power your home with solar, you can expect to pay more for your installation than a homeowner who simply wants to offset their electricity bill. 

Your payments will also vary depending on whether you choose to buy or lease your solar panels. Either way, you will not have to pay for your entire installation at once; you can set up a payment plan that works for you.

Solar Panel Installation: What to Expect

Installing solar panels is a job that you should leave to the experts. Hire a solar energy provider that you trust to install and maintain your panels for you.

Solar panel installation costs have decreased since 2019 due to increased customer demand. As solar panels have become more popular, the average initial cost of installation has gone down. 

Your solar panel installation cost depends on how much labor is involved in your installation. This can vary depending on the shape of your roof and how many panels you need.

Do Solar Panels Pay For Themselves?

When you ask how much it costs to install solar panels, you must also ask: how much do solar panels save? Your long-term savings after solar panel installation may greatly offset the initial price.

In fact, most people find that their solar panels pay for themselves in just a few years. 

Solar energy dramatically offsets your electricity bill and adds value to your home. Plus, you may be able to get tax breaks and other solar incentives from your state, depending on where you live. 

Eventually, you may even be able to make a profit by selling your solar energy back to your state!

Find the Best Solar Panels Today

As you can see, the long-term financial benefits of solar panel installation far outweigh the upfront costs. If you’re ready to invest in clean energy for your home, reach out to a solar power provider today.

When you install home solar panels, you invest in your future and the future of our planet.

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