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What is the Difference Between Hipster and Bikini Panties?

Panties are versatile undergarments varying in shapes, sizes, cuts, fits, and colours. The wide variety of panty styles available in the market can leave you stumped to choose the best fit when buying a pair or two or more. It is worth mentioning here that Hipsters and Bikinis are two of the most popular choices, but only a few know the difference between them. Not to worry, this blog gets you acquainted.

What are Bikini panties?

By design and shape, Bikini panties sit low on the back, showing a bit more of your abdomen. Due to higher leg openings, these panty pieces feature thinner sides than other panties out there. They are favourably suitable for women willing less rear coverage and more comfort. These types of panties go well with almost every outfit you love, ensuring that panty lines are not visible to others.

Unlike other undergarment pieces that unnecessarily raise up when worn beneath skin-fit pants and shorts, Bikinis offer all-day comfort to wearers and add a more feminine and sexy appeal to their style.

What are Hipster panties?

Hipster Panties are an ideal choice for women needing snug-fit, wholesome coverage. You can wear them when not in the mood for a cheeky reveal. The very name ‘Hipster’ refers to an underwear style intended to sit on the hips of the wearer. They usually are between Bikinis and boy shorts, lie a few inches below the navel, and offer a comfy feel. Hipsters comes with increased rear coverage. For women loving wearing comfy high-fit that camouflages beneath their dress comfortably, hipsters are the best pick. Explore the ultimate collection of Jockey Hipsters for added comfort and style.

Key Differences between Hipster and Bikini Panties

A few things that differentiate Hipsters from Bikini panties are characteristics, shapes, cuts, and fits.

While Bikinis offer moderate rear coverage, Hipster panties, as the name suggests, give wholesome hip coverage. However, from the front, they look identical. However, from the front, they look similar. Mainly, the difference is how they shape at the back.

Hipsters have a wider gusset that cuts off around the legs to offer optimum coverage at the back. Bikini panties, on the contrary, feature a narrow gusset with its fabric riding up pretty high at the back.

If this blog piece helps you understand the difference between Bikinis and Hipster panties, we are sure that you will make an informed purchase when on a hunt for either of these undergarments. For a more exclusive range of these two, come online to shop from Jockey.