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A Beginner’s Guide to Transforming Your Wardrobe With Flatback Rhinestones

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe or to personalize a piece of clothing, flatback rhinestones are a simple yet stunning way to elevate your style.

The small, sparkly gems have a transformative power when used with a little creativity. From jazzing up your jeans to creating bespoke designs on your accessories, flatback rhinestones are a fashion alchemist’s dream.

This guide walks you through how to add shine and personality to your wardrobe using this versatile craft supply. Let’s get you started!

Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin embellishing, it’s important to gather all your supplies. This will save you time and ensure that you have everything you need for a successful project.

Flatback Rhinestones

These can be found at craft stores, online shops, or even in the notions aisle of your local fabric store. They come in various sizes, colors, and shapes, so choose according to your project’s needs.

Some colors of rhinestones have a special coating. This includes the AB (aurora borealis) or metallic, which adds extra sparkle to your design. Experiment and see what works best for you.


You will need a strong adhesive specifically designed for rhinestones. E6000 or Gem Tac are popular choices among crafters. This type of glue will ensure that your rhinestones stay in place and withstand wear.


Using tweezers will help you handle the tiny rhinestones with ease and precision. Make sure they are clean and free of any sticky residue. This will prevent the rhinestone from getting stuck to the tweezers.

Surface for Work

Lay down a towel or piece of cardboard to protect your work surface from any glue spills. This will also provide a flat and stable surface for you to work on.

Choose Your Clothing or Accessories

Flatback rhinestones can be added to almost any type of fabric. From t-shirts and denim jackets to bags and shoes, the possibilities are endless. Choose a garment or accessory that you want to add some sparkle to.

It’s best to start with a plain and light-colored fabric so that the rhinestones stand out more. However, you can also use darker fabrics if you prefer a subtle and sophisticated look.

Moreover, consider the fabric’s texture. Dense fabrics like denim and leather provide a sturdy base for your rhinestones, while delicate fabrics like silk or chiffon may require extra care.

Plan Your Design

Before gluing the rhinestones onto your clothing or accessory, it’s important to plan out your design. You can draw it on paper first or lay out the rhinestones directly on the fabric.

Play around with different layouts and patterns until you find the one that you like. You can also mix and match rhinestone sizes, shapes, and colors for a unique look. This step is crucial, as it will save you time and prevent mistakes later on.

Prepare the Surface

Before you start gluing, make sure that the surface of your fabric or accessory is clean and free of any dirt or oils. This will ensure that the adhesive bonds properly with the fabric.

If you’re working with a garment, it’s best to wash and dry it before adding rhinestones. For accessories, use a damp cloth to wipe down the surface.

Apply Adhesive

Using a toothpick or small brush, apply a small amount of adhesive onto the back of the rhinestone. Be careful not to use too much glue as it can seep out and create a mess. You can also apply the glue directly onto the surface if you prefer.

When doing this, it’s important to work in small sections so that the glue doesn’t dry out before you can place the rhinestones.

Place Your Rhinestones

Using your tweezers, carefully place each rhinestone onto the fabric or accessory according to your design. Gently press down on each one to ensure a secure bond with the adhesive.

If you make a mistake, don’t worry! Use a toothpick or tweezers to carefully remove the rhinestone and clean off any excess glue before trying again.

Let It Dry

After all your rhinestones are placed, allow the adhesive to dry completely. This can take anywhere from a few hours to overnight depending on the type of glue used.

Avoid touching or moving your garment or accessory during this time to prevent any rhinestones from shifting or falling off.

Touch Up if Necessary

Once the glue is completely dry, check for any rhinestones that may need a bit more adhesive. Simply add a small amount of glue and press down on the rhinestone to secure it.

You can also use this time to clean up any excess glue or touch up your design if needed. Plus, this is a good opportunity to admire your creation and how the rhinestones have transformed it.

Care Instructions

To ensure that your rhinestones stay in place for as long as possible, it’s important to follow specific care instructions. If working with clothing, hand washing is recommended to prevent the rhinestones from getting damaged.

For accessories, avoid excessive rubbing or scratching of the surface where the rhinestones are placed. This will prevent them from falling off or getting damaged.

Experiment and Have Fun

The best part about adding flatback rhinestones to your wardrobe is that you can let your creativity run wild. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different rhinestone colors, designs, and techniques.

You can also try using different types of fabrics or accessories, such as hats or sunglasses, for a truly unique look. Have fun and enjoy the process of making something truly one-of-a-kind using flatback rhinestones.

Learn to Transform Your Wardrobe With Flatback Rhinestones

Adding flatback rhinestones to your wardrobe is a fun and easy way to elevate your style. With a few simple supplies and some creativity, you can transform any clothing or accessory into a unique and eye-catching piece.

So why not give it a try and see how these tiny gems can add some sparkle to your wardrobe? Remember to gather your supplies, plan your design, and take care of your finished piece to ensure long-lasting wear.

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