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USA Independence Day 2019

Every year on 4th July all Americans gathered to celebrate their Independence Day as the birth of their Nation and the USA biggest National holiday.

Do you know why Independence Day is celebrated on 4th July?

On 4th  July 1776, the US got independence from the British Empire after a great Revolutionary war and from then on every 4th of July USA celebrates their Independence Day. The 13 American Colonies fought to get separated from the UK (United Kingdom) and from the king. After that, these 13 Colonies of America has declared themselves as they are no longer part of the British Empire and want themselves to be declared as States after this also War was continued for some time. The Thirteen Colonies were: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

From 1765 they started demanding “No taxation without Representation” this tension exploded into fighting and Act of dissent, such as Boston Tea Act in 1773 and became to known as “Boston Tea Party.”

On every Independence Day, 13 gunshots are fired to salute one shot for each American Colonies.

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And this is not over yet do you know that till 1791 the name “Independence Day” was not used, and from 1870 it was made an unpaid holiday for the federal employees, and finally, in 1938 the US Congress declared this will a paid holiday and till now it is continued.

How USA celebrates their Independence Day:-

The Independence Day is started with fireworks, parades, barbeques, carnivals, concerts, outdoor games, family reunions, the political speeches the best ceremonies. Most of the people display the American flag at the outside of their home. Many communities gather and arrange fireworks and salute their country by playing patriotic music.

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Here are some Facts about Fourth July

–The American colonies were declared free from Great Britain and it’s King on 4th July 1776

–The death of two Presidents JOHN ADAMS (the 2nd US President) and James Monroe (5th US President) on 4th July while the 30th US President Calvin Coolidge was born on 4th July 1872.

On 8th July 1776, Philadelphia celebrated its first Independence Day.

–On every 4th July Philadelphia, Liberty Bell is trapped 13 times in the honor of Thirteen American Colonies.

–The original American Flag has stars on it which represent 13 American colonies. The Stars are in a circle so that all colonies should appear equal.

On 1783, King George III signed the Treaty of Paris and after that, the revolutionary war was officially ended.


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