Watch This: Kids’ TV Shows You Can Start Streaming Today

If you’re looking for a way to entertain your children while in quarantine, don’t worry, there is hope! There are many wonderful TV shows available to educate and entertain your kids, giving you some time for yourself. 

Luckily, most of these shows are totally free to stream. 

To give you some great options, here are some of the best kids’ TV shows that your kid is sure to love!

The Great British Baking Show

If your kids are into baking, they’ll love the Great British Baking Show. It appeals to both children and adults and is a show you can watch together.

Available for free on Netflix, the Great British Baking Show fosters creativity as the contestants compete to be the best baker. Though it’s a reality show, all participants are very kind and it would be appropriate content for all ages. 


Another educational show that your kid may enjoy is Arthur. The show is about Arther, the main character, as he navigates school, friends, and even bullies. Throughout the series, there are lots of great life lessons that parents would appreciate. 

Arther is appropriate for all ages. 

Arthur is available for free on Amazon Prime and is originally a PBS show.

Paw Patrol 

Though not considered an educational show, Paw Patrol is one of the most popular kids shows on television. If you’re looking for a nice way to award your child, this may be the perfect show. 

The series follows a young boy who leads a search and rescue team called the Paw Patrol. The Paw Patrol represents the skills of police officers, firefighters, and aviation pilots. 

You can stream Paw Patrol for free on Noggin or with a public library card through the Hoopla app. 

High School Musical: The Series 

If your child likes musicals, they will love High School Musical: The Series. The show is inspired by the original High School Musical movies that aired about 10-15 years ago. 

The TV series follows a new cast as they navigate through high school and teenage life. 

High School Musical: The Series is available on Disney Plus. It’s most appropriate for children ages 8 and up. 

Diary of a Future President 

One of the newest TV shows for kids is the Diary of a Future President. The show is inspiring and motivating as it follows a young girl through middle school and her path to becoming president of the USA. 

The whole first season is currently available on Disney Plus and is best suited for kids 8 and up.


VeggieTales is a classic educational show for children. It includes fun animation and episodes reflecting various life lessons. 

It’s important to note that VeggieTales is a Christian show, so it may not be appropriate for all families. 

You can watch VeggieTales online here.

Now You Have a Variety of Kids’ TV Shows to Try! 

Each of these kids’ TV shows offers something different, depending on your kid’s interests and parental preferences. Your kid’s age may also play a factor in the shows you pick. 

The best thing is that these shows are free on streaming services, so you won’t waste any money checking them out! 

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Author: Ester Adams