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World Physical Therapy Day (PT) 8th September 2022 Theme

Every year 8th September is marked as World Physical Therapy Day (PT Day) which is an opportunity for physiotherapists from around the world to raise awareness about the professional’s crucial commitment to keeping people safe, mobile, and healthy. In 1996, the World PT Day was declared to be 8 September. This is the date of the establishment of World Physiotherapy in 1951.

The day marks the worldwide physiotherapy community’s unity and solidarity. It is an opportunity to appreciate the work physiotherapists do for their patients and their society. World Physiotherapy Day is a centrepiece that strives to encourage and strengthen its knowledge in member organisations.

Theme of World Physiotherapy Day 2022

This year the theme for World PT Day 2022 will focus on Osteoarthritis and the role of Physiotherapists

The theme of this year’s World Physical Therapy Day is osteoarthritis and how physiotherapists can help those who have it by managing their condition. Other rheumatological disorders will be the focus in 2023.

The most common joint disease is osteoarthritis (OA), which affects 520 million individuals worldwide and affects 60% of cases of knee OA. Hip and knee OA were classified as the 11th largest contributor to disability in a global evaluation of 291 disorders. It’s unknown what causes OA exactly. Being overweight or obese, having a history of joint injury or surgery, a history of joint overuse, and a family history of OA all raise your chance of developing the condition.

The first line of treatment for OA is exercise. A physiotherapist can give guidance and instruction on managing OA and methods of pain treatment. People with OA can learn from them how to increase range of motion in their joints and build muscle.

People with OA should maintain as much activity as they can. This can lessen other OA symptoms, relieve discomfort, and help people maintain their independence. Only one-third of OA sufferers will have progressive impairment and pain increases over time, while others experience improvements. You can get advice from a physiotherapist on how to stay active.


In 1996, 8 September was declared as World Physical Therapy Day by the WCPT (International Confederation of Physiotherapy). WCPT established this date in 1951. The events of the World Physical Therapy Day have a positive impact on the profession ‘s image and on public and politicians, as the numerous studies from around the world have shown. A number of WCPT member groups have their own individual days, weeks and months of physical therapy.

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