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World Radiography Day 8th November 2023

Every year, November 8 is observed as World Radiography Day to commemorate the anniversary of the discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Roentgen, organized by the International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT). The aim of World Radiography Day is to increase awareness of X-ray imaging and therapy, which play a critical role in patient diagnosis and treatment, and, more importantly, to ensure that radiation is maintained to the minimum required, thereby enhancing patient care quality.

Professor Roentgen used evacuated glass light bulbs to work with cathode rays in 1895. He observed that a barium platino-cyanide screen fluoresced when a current passed through the bulb, and he also noted the effect of the phenomenon on photography plates. This new discovery was called ‘X-Rays.’ He also claimed that he could see through the body by using the x-rays. Radiography was generated in major cities within three months of the discovery of Roentgen.

Medical imaging is one of the most advanced areas of medical science and technology. One of the most progressive and important steps is radiology and associated medical fields for diagnostic purposes. These radiological systems are mainly used to detect ailments in patients. They are the first and foremost steps towards developing comprehensive patient care.

X-rays, MRI scanners and ultrasound equipment are a crucial necessity for radiology. Radiology thus places a valuable role in the correct diagnosis and is important for people. In the primary treatment of patients, radiologists play a very important role. Radiological techniques are a fine mixture of medicine, technology, scientific concepts and artistic talents and not just medical techniques.

The x-ray provided a new way for us to observe the world and ourselves. We could see it right down to our bones, and even now, more than a hundred years later, those unpleasant black and white images are still strange and powerful.

Goals of World Radiography Day

The day raises awareness of radiology, how it leads to healthy patient care, and how radiologists and radiological technologists play a vital role in healthcare. X-rays, MRI scans, ultrasounds, etc. help diagnose conditions related to health by having an eye-catching image.

Swikriti Dandotia