4 Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind While Planning a Beach Wedding

Weddings along the coastline have become increasingly famous over the past couple of years. To be fair, who wouldn’t want to exchange vows with the person of their dreams right next to a tranquil sea and a magnificent sunset? Beach weddings are also super fun as they are a breath of fresh (salty) air compared to more demure, traditional and simpler weddings.

However, such weddings come with an entirely new set of challenges, as they can be complicated to plan and execute. This stays true, be it in a tropical paradise or with a trendy, cosmopolitan city as a backdrop – such as beach weddings in Sydney or destination weddings at your favourite spot in the country.

Australia is world-renowned for its beaches, with nearly 30,000 km of coastline. At the same time, 240 of this km is Sydney’s famous harbour shoreline, complemented by the exquisite backdrop of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour beach. But no matter where these destination weddings are conducted, they are bound to be unique and memorable affairs. So, here are four pointers to help you with planning your beach wedding:

1.    Proper Planning…

As the saying goes, “proper planning prevents poor performance” a wedding is not an occasion to be underwhelming. Weddings are expensive, complex matters, and to make sure everything runs smoothly and every tiny detail is attended to, proper planning is necessary. This can include strict budgeting for clothes, decor, food, hair & makeup, etc., and backup plans for bridesmaids, caterers, weather, etc.

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With a beach wedding, the weather can be a huge curveball; it may be sunny with clear skies, but the next moment, a thunderstorm may be reeling in. So be sure to thoroughly check weather forecasts and have the wedding during months where such “unexpected visitors” don’t put the ceremony at risk.

So, all the proper planning can be done with the help of a wedding planner who will organise countless things and take care of them as they are more experienced. They help with everything wedding-related – the theme, decor, guest lists, shopping, etc., while ensuring everything goes smoothly.

2.    Guests List and Decor

The biggest advantage of beach weddings is that accommodating large crowds is not always a possibility, and thus are forced to be small, intimate affairs. This saves up both cost & time, and also organising and strictly restricting visitors to the agreed guest list can also prevent a lot of drama.

Similarly, decor needs a lot of planning too. With so many ideas on the internet, it can be very challenging to choose just one theme or look. And this is why the bride and groom must have enough time to think about this and find what they love for themselves. Besides, investing time into some DIY decor could be a great idea to find out what and how to decorate the venue while also giving it a more personalised touch.

3.    Caterers and Produce

Food is an absolute must at weddings; whether it’s the dinner served for guests or the show-stopping wedding cake, everyone deserves something elegant.

For example, if one plans beach weddings in Sydney, a great option available would be to support local businesses and sustainability by hiring local caterers who make use of home-grown produce. Nevertheless, wherever the wedding is held, it is important to honour the place’s culture, heritage, and identity while being conscious about the environment.

4.    Trial and Error

Trial and error are super important, especially if you have never done something, for instance, never go shopping for a beach wedding without a proper plan. Doing something for the first time can seem very exciting, but not being familiar with family rituals and customs will make you miss out on a lot. So plan what events need to be included and rehearsals to perfect everything for the big day. Trial and error until you get what is right, and don’t rush to make decisions or confirm anything until the couple is fully satisfied with what they have.