5 football players who have shockingly regressed in recent years

Football is becoming a viral game in India from last few decades. It is a platform that provides a footballer with vast popularity and stardom. Life is all about the ups and downs, in recent years, we have seen that many stars have depressed their fans with their bad performances. It also leaves a bitter taste in their mouth. Here we have made a list of the bad performers of the 2018/19 from various football matches. Eventually, they are big stars of the football world, but they have disappointed the audience. This turnaround in the career of these footballers is remarkable because of their bad form.

These players play for different football clubs to show their talent. Now, the players with bad performance in recent years are mentioned below.

  • Mesut Ozil

In the last few years, his performance has deteriorated. He had scored only one goal in 2019 as per stats. The audience has seen him flashing some brilliant performances previously. He is a good footballer, and his fans were expecting improvement in his form. The whole football world knows that this player can win the game on his own. Some of his past performance is proof of his efficiency. It is the time to come in the form once again.

  • Nicolas Otamendi

He is another player whose performances has gone down as per stat of 19/20. He hasn’t scored a single goal in champion’s league, community shield and FA cup. Fans are feeling quite low because of his low performance and are expecting a change in 2020. The player must work on his skills to take his place in football. The competition is increasing. Therefore, one must be in form to win the match for his team.

  • Pascal Gross

There were big expectations by Pascal in 2019, with plenty seeing great potential in him. The audience has seen him become a star wide playmaker, but their faith was misplaced. In the last season, if you have compared his outings yon can’t believe that it is the same player. The biggest star of his team didn’t succeed in continuing his excellent form and shockingly regressed.

  • Marcos Alonso

The 29-year old Spanish football player is playing for Premier League club Chelsea and the Spain national team. His journey is quite fascinating, and he had struggled a lot in the past few years. But, now it’s high time to brush his defending skills after the deteriorated performance of 2019/20. After Ajax performance, the fan following is decreasing, and fans had criticized him for lousy performance. Their fans hold a vast faith in him and never expected him to play as he played last season. The lousy performance of the record holder player has shockingly depressed the audience.

  • Jonjo Shelvey

Newcastle fans are sad and criticizing Jonjo for his bad and deteriorating performance against many teams in the defeats that fans were not expecting. Hence, fans are saying that he hadn’t tried to pass out from the puzzle and had lost his touch. In his last few games, he has struggled a lot but didn’t reach his level of playing. That was unpredictable by his fans, and they were not happy with him.

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Bottom lines:

The above-listed players are great footballers and have shown their ability. Any sports in the world is unpredictable, and no one can be sure what is going to happen in today’s match. So that we cannot judge the capability of these players according to their poor performances last season. Their fans have got depressed but didn’t lose faith in their favorite football star at any cost. These five players have the efficiency to help their team to win the matches. Now, they will continue to contribute to the world of football and will share their experiences and skills with young talents. Hopefully, the football world will see some improvements in these five players.