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India Independence Day 2019

India is celebrating its 73rd Independence Day on 15th August. Independence Day is an annual observance day which is celebrated on every 15th August.   India celebrates Independence Day and remembers the sacrifices that our freedom fighter made during the struggle against the British Empire. 15th August is declared as National and Gazetted Holiday to commemorate the Independence of our country from the British Empire.

After the separation of India into two Nations, India got its Independence. India celebrates 15th August as the day of its sovereignty from the Britishers but now that was the past and becomes the history and now what remains is the glory of India’s struggle.

Why this particular date 15th August is chosen for India’s Independence

Well here are some events which give relevance to this day. On 5th July 1947, the British Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act provided for two dominions states i.e India and Pakistan. Britain king continued as the head of the state until it becomes a Republic State.

In 1929, Jawaharlal Nehru Ji demanded: “Poorna Swaraj” that is Complete Independence from colonial rule. 26th January was chosen for the Independence Day and even celebrated it from 1930 until India’s got their full Independence.

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Britishers declared the end of the British rule on 15th August 1947. The British Parliament passed an Indian Independence Act which was based on the Mountbatten plan which clearly mentioned that the date of Independence will 15th August 1947.

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Independence Day is celebrated in the capital of India Delhi at Red Fort with full of enthusiasm by Hosting Flag which is done by the Prime Minister of India. Independence Day is also celebrated by students and teachers in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to pay tribute to our country.

No Chief guest visited India for the celebration of Independence Day ,however on Republic Day occasion every year Chief Guest is invited to attend parade and celebration.

Important Facts about India

->Seventh Largest Country by Area.

-> Second most Populous country after china and most populous democracy in the world.

->Shares land border with six countries i.e. Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar.

->Indian continent was the home to one of the oldest civilization which is Indus Valley Civilization.

->Along with 1.5 billion people, India is also a home for diverse wildlife. India has 120 National Parks,18 Bio-Reserves and 500 wildlife sanctuaries.

->India has no national language, Hindi is the official language of government.

->India has 22 constitutions recognized languages spoken all across the country.

->India has the third-largest Muslim population and it is highest among Non-Muslim majority nation.

->Indian film industry produces the world’s most-watched cinema. It includes cinema in regional languages also like Bengali, Bhojpuri, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, and Telugu.

->Earliest styles of Asian martial arts, such as kalarippayattu, musti yuddha, silambam, and marma adi, originated in India.

->Chess is originated in India as chaturaṅga.

->Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Indian Premier League is the most-watched cricket league in the world and ranks sixth among all sports leagues.

->Only nation to entered MARS orbit in its first attempt and India’s ISRO is among the fourth space agency in the world to reach MARS orbit.

->ISRO holds a world record to launch 104 satellites in a single rocket.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Speech on Independence Day 2019

PM Modi started with his trademark slogan ‘Mere Pyaare Deshwasiyon(My Beloved citizens) and paid tribute to all freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for India.

He congratulated everyone on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan

PM Modi expressed condolence to the flood victims, Centre and States are working together to help people in flood-affected areas.

He also highlights that within 10 weeks of government second term, important bills are passed like triple talaq, and Scrapping of Article 370 and 35 A.

PM Modi mentioned that if we can ban Sati and dowry then why not Triple Talaq. He also remembers how Muslim Women’s suffered from Triple Talaq that’s why Government has passed the bill to remove Triple Talaq.

PM Modi also address on Article 370 said: “NDA government removed article 370 which was pending from last 70 years.” And there should be “One Nation, One Constitution”.

Water conservation is important to tackle the water crises problem: PM Modi

Population growth is a major issue, we must save the future of India: PM Modi

PM Modi says “Social Awareness must be spread on population control” he also said who follow the policy of small family contribute to the development of our nation.

The high jump is needed for incremental progress of nation: PM Modi

India has the potential to become a global hub for tourism: PM Modi

PM Modi emphasis on reaching our economy to $5 trillion by 2024 with the coordination of Citizens of India.

PM Modi requested shopkeepers of India to put notice “Please don’t ask for plastic bags”.

India will now have CDS chief defense staff which make our forces even more effective: PM Modi

Huge scope in improving India’s Tourism Sector: PM Modi

PM Modi encourages Tourism by giving message “travel 10 new places in India to preserve our culture

PM Modi concludes the Independence Day Speech by giving the Government road map of the next 5 years.

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