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National Consumers Rights Day 24th December 2022

In India, every 24 December is observed as National Consumer Rights Day with an aim to highlight the importance of consumer movement and also make people aware about consumer rights and their responsibilities.

On 24 December,1986, the 1986 Consumer Protection Act earned the president’s approval. In the market revolution in the world, the passage of this Act is seen as a historic landmark. In 1986, the Consumer Rights Act was passed with the intention of ensuring greater protection for the interests of consumers.

Ensure that customers may rely primarily on a compensatory approach, as opposed to a punitive or a protective approach, toward diversified forms of operations and unequal dealings. It extends to all goods and services which cover the commercial, public and cooperative sectors, unless expressly exempted. It also offers fast and affordable adjudication.

Note: World Consumer Day is celebrated on 15th of March every year.

The Act seeks to provide meaningful protections for consumers against various forms of exploitation, such as faulty products, service failures and unfair trade practises.

Theme of National Consumer Rights Day 2022

This year the theme of National Consumer Rights Day 2022 is- “Fair Digital Finance”.

Attempting to draw attention on global climate change crises and destruction of biodiversity is urgently needed. This decade is our last shot, in accordance with the Paris Agreement, to hold global warming to 1.5c from pre-industrial days and to reverse the recent pervasive trend of depletion of biodiversity.

The consumer movement will show the lifestyle changes that individuals can purchase to play their part, and what policymakers and companies have to do to make that simple option for consumers to make sustainable.

The day offers an opportunity for individuals to stress the value of the campaign to uphold the rights and obligations of all customers.

Swikriti Dandotia