Your Guide to Choosing Business Registration Service

Many dreams about starting a business; many are presently running a business or setting up one. People in business are investing in many startups, even in these harsh economic conditions. Nothing has stopped the dreams of young and old entrepreneurs from starting and expanding their businesses. Starting a business is a hard-to-accomplish task, and the entrepreneur has to deal with this paperwork. And one major piece of paperwork is the registration of the company.

It is always a good idea to delegate that work to your employees, as you have many other things to care about. But the process is so complicated, and your employees are not trained to do that paperwork. Hence, it is best to choose someone or a company that provides a business registration service.

But, before you select someone who provides those services, you must check if they are charging the right fee and doing the required paperwork for your company.

Things to look for in a company that provide these services:

  • Company registration
  • ABN registration
  • Business name registration

Company Registration

A registered company is an organisation created and registered with the appropriate statutory authority of the country’s law.

The registration enables you to set a mark of reputation among its stakeholders and customers. Register your startup as a company as soon as possible. 

ABN Registration

The ABN (Australian Business Number) is a unique 11-digit number that helps identify your business to the government and community. One can use an ABN to: identify your business to others when ordering and invoicing.

Business Name Registration

The business should have a registered official name. It is by which people will recognise the company or brand you are creating. The name will be required in future documentation and registrations.

These are the essential services that a business registration service provider should offer. Less than these three services are not at all acceptable. And price shouldn’t matter as many will offer just one of these services at lower fees. But you must understand that the services if done by a professional team with experience, the registration and documentation will be done within a few days and without any hassle. 

Apart from the essential services, many professionals offer some add-on services like:

  • Domain name
  • Company binder
  • Framed certificate
  • Discretionary trust

Finally, before you fix the registration service provider, you must ask them these important questions.

How much will it cost to register a company?

The cost of registering a company could be between $417 to $570. If you need to get an ABN, business name, or any other such extras-There will be additional fees.

How long does it take to register the company?

The company registration form usually takes around 15 minutes to finish. Once submitted, your company will usually be registered within 2-3 minutes (providing no other issues with your application and documents submitted).

What details/information is required to register a new company?

To register a new company, one will need to have the following information/documents handy:

For directors and secretaries: Full name, full residential address, and the date and place of birth of each person.

For shareholders: Full name, address, and the number of the shares for each shareholder of the startup.

General information (for the public): The address of the registered office and place of origin of business is required.

Asking these questions will definitely give you an idea about the service provider and their ability and experience.

Following these steps will help you to successfully choose the experts who provide the service of business registration.