National Mathematics Day 22nd December 2021

Every December 22 is celebrated as National Mathematics day to mark the birth anniversary of great Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. The

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Minority Rights Day in India 18th December 2021

Every 18th December is observed as Minority Rights Day in India to educate and remind the people about the Minority

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Theme of World Wetlands day 2022

World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on 2nd February to raise awareness about the essential role of wetlands for

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International Tea Day 2021

Tea or Chai is the world’s most-consumed drink after water. International Tea Day is a United Nations observance celebrated annually

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Republic Day of India 2022

Republic Day of India is celebrated on every 26th of January as it honors the date on which the Constitution

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World Braille Day 4th January 2022

Every 4th January the world celebrates World Braille Day with an aim to make Braille more conscious of its value

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National Day of Australia 2022- History and Celebrations

Australia Day is celebrated on every 26 January as an official national day of Australia. This day marks the anniversary

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Human Rights Day 10th December 2021 Theme

Human Rights Day is celebrated annually all over the world on 10th December. In 1948, it was announced that Human

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