India Made History by Winning Gold in Women Lawn Bowls at Common Wealth Games 2022

The women’s lawn bowls fours team from India made history by winning gold at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. It is India’s first medal in the sport, and the squad put up an outstanding performance to defeat a formidable South African team in the final. India has now won four gold medals in a row in the competition. The Indians had jumped off to an early lead, but South Africa battled back to take the lead 10-8, and the gold medal appeared to be in jeopardy.

After South Africa won the coin toss and set the jack, India went on to win the opening round by a single point over their opponents. However, they fought back in the second, and their captain Johanna Snyman used the last bowl to ensure that her side earned two points. While South Africa was behind 3-2 in the fifth end, it appeared like the team had the opportunity to tie the game. India India ended up gaining a two-point lead thanks to captain Rupa Rani Tirkey’s last bowling performance. Afterwards, it stretched its advantage to five points on the strength of an incredible three-point End 6.

After the seventh end, South Africa began to fight back. The South Africans tied the game at 8-8 in the 10th end after India failed to score in three of the preceding ends.

As the season continues, they built a 10-point advantage against India. After the 12th end, the score remained tied at 10-10 thanks to a Tirkey two-point end for India. Two-point ends in the next three minutes gave India a 12-10 advantage.

At First attempt: Snyman was able to push three Indian bowls closer to the jack but could not disrupt the formation after that, which meant that India had a five-point advantage going into the last end of the match. They were able to hang on for two more points and secure a 17-10 victory in the match.

What is Lawn Bowls Game?

Lawn bowls, also called lawn bowling, is a sport where the goal is to roll biased balls close to a smaller ball called a jack or kitty. The average weight of a lawn bowls ball is about 1.5 kg. A biased ball has more weight on one side than the other, making it easier for a player to curl.

During each end, the team or individual bowlers whose bowls are closest to the jack are given points. After an end, if the closest bowl of team A is three bowls closer to the jack than the bowl of team B, team A is awarded a point. If just one is closer, then one point. It is possible to play lawn bowls in singles, doubles, or even fours, depending on the number of participants.