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Theme of World Population Day 2019

World population day is one of the most important awareness day celebrated annually on every 11th of July. The aim of celebrating world population day is to spread awareness about the issues of the global population and the importance of reproductive health.

This awareness day was established by the governing council of the United Nations Development Program in 1989. The inspiration for this special awareness day came on the when the world’s population reaches by 5 billion and hence became the serious concern about exploding population.  Therefore, the world population day has to be initiated to overcome the issues of our growing population and to raise this awareness in public.

Every year UN Council decides the Theme for World Population Day to spread the awareness about population growth. Last year the Theme of World Population Day2018 was “Family Planning is a Human Right”. This year the Theme of world population day 2019 is yet to be decided.

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World Population Day is celebrated to aware people where one can try to understand the population issues. So what are Population issues? Basically, a Population issue includes family planning, gender equality, child marriage, human rights, right to health, baby’s health, etc.

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Here are some interesting facts about population explosion:

–Out of 7.4 billion people in the world, India is 1.327 billion which approximately 17.5 % of the world population. According to this situation, it is important to understand the need for population control.

–India stands at the second position of the world’s most populated country after China.

–Approx. 800 women die every day due to pregnancy-related complications and from these 20 percent of the women are from India.

–India is expected to become the world’s youngest country with 64% of the population working by 2020, despite resolving the issues of employment problems.

–It is calculated that 30% of the population is because of unwanted and accidental pregnancies.

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How World Population Day is Celebrated?

World Population is celebrated at international level where different activities and events are organized to draw attention to the major issues of the world’s population. Activities include seminar, discussion, educational sessions, public contest, poster making, slogans, workshops, debates, songs, etc.

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