“The man with the only hand!!!”

Have you ever heard of KAROLY TAKACS – he was an inspirational hero who is set an example that “everything is possible”.

I will share the wonderful inspirational story of “THE MAN WITH THE ONLY HAND-KAROLY TAKACS”

Karoly Takacs was an army officer in Hungarian army. Karoly was excellent in pistol shooting his aim was that “I will make my hand world’s best shooting hand”.

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In 1938, his right hand was badly injured during army training as faulty grenade exploded in his hand. He has only one aim and one goal in his life to make his right hand the best shooting hand in the world. But now you tell in this condition what normal person will think… why this happen to me?? And then that person will blame god and himself.

But, Karoly was a different man from others – “He did not focus what he lost but he focused on what he has”. He thought I don’t have right hand so what I have left hand and I can make my hand as best shooting hand  then, he went to secret place and started focusing on his left hand. He consistently work hard for 2 years and now he was ready with his left hand.

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Where there is a will there is way and if you want success you can find that way!!

In 1939, karoly went to Hungarian national pistol shooting championship everyone there saying “look he has good sportsman spirit that he came here to motivate us” Karoly replied – I didn’t came to motivate you I came here to compete with you !!! all started laughing. All of them competing with their best hand but you know he is competing with his “only hand”. Do you know who won this competition??? KAROLY TAKACS by winning this game he surprised his countrymen.

He didn’t stopped here, Karoly had expectation that he will won the 1940 summer Olympics but due to world war the 1940 Olympics were  cancelled, still he won’t gave up he thought he will participate in 1944 Olympics but, again this Olympics were cancelled due to second world war.

Karoly was a very positive man he didn’t gave up after the cancellation of two Olympics. He focused on 1948 summer Olympics in London he surprised the whole world by getting gold medal. He wasn’t stopped here he won the second gold medal in1952 summer Olympics in Helsink.

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“He was the only man who continuously won the GOLD medal in Pistol shooting in two Olympics”

Everything is possible in this world if you focus on what you have instead focusing on what you have lost.


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